5 Tips to Help Young Soccer Players Avoid Injuries

Accidents are bound to happen during any sport, even soccer. However, there are some important ways to help your young soccer player steer clear of injuries. Discoveries Soccer Club has five tips for youth soccer players that may help reduce the risk of injuries on the field:

  1. Encourage stretching – Stress the importance of stretching to your youth soccer player. This needs to happen before every game and practice. These warm-ups help get your muscles ready before the real play begins.
  2. Monitor practice times – Avoid letting your child practice too much or too little. Children ages 8-11 may only need to practice an hour at a time. Older youth may be able to practice longer. Talk with the coaches in your youth soccer league to see what their policies are.
  3. Help them curb burnout – Exhaustion increases the chances for injury. If your child has too many practices and games, they’re likely to wear out faster, make more mistakes, and physically exhaust themselves – all of which could lead to them getting hurt.
  4. Invest in quality equipment – Cheap or poor-quality soccer equipment poses a danger to players of any age. For example, bad cleats could cause your player to twist an ankle – or worse.
  5. Plan healthy meals – Finally, give your child an edge by providing healthy foods for them. Nutrition is key for helping players stay fit, happy, and healthy.

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