4 Tips for First-Time Soccer Parents

Helping your kid join a youth soccer team is always exciting! But, for first-time soccer parents, it can feel a bit nerve-racking. Here at Discoveries Soccer Club, we want to make this experience good for both our players and their families. Here are four tips for first-time soccer parents that will help you enjoy the season as much as possible.

  1. Patience is key – One of the most important things you can do is to stay patient. Like any sport, soccer has lots of rules and requires plenty of practice time. Both you and your child will need to work together to learn these rules. You’ll also have to make time for games and practice. Understand that this can sometimes be a bit frustrating for children. Help them by remaining patient with them, their coach, and yourself.
  2. Plan fun home practice activities – Make practicing at home a fun bonding time. Play with your kids in the yard or in the park. Make practice time a family time, too.
  3. Avoid placing pressure on your player – Many parents easily fall in the trap of placing too much pressure on their young soccer players. Try to limit the amount of time you spend talking about their future in the sport. More importantly, don’t critique your child’s play immediately after games or practices.
  4. Be present – Try your absolute best to be there for every game and practice. This will mean the world to your child. But even if you can’t make it, show you care by supporting them. Ask questions and show interest.

Do you need help finding the right youth soccer team for your child? Call Discoveries Soccer Club today. See how we can help both you and your child love the game of soccer!