Speed and Agility Training with Coach Asaad Davis

Discoveries is pleased to announce our continued partnership with speed and agility trainer Asaad Davis for spring training. Asaad has worked with NFL players Ko Simpson, Detroit Lions, Jonathan Joseph, Cincinnati Bengals, as well as the general public for years. Asaad, a certified personal trainer, will help your player sprint faster, improve quickness, increase running speed, power, and agility. He currently also works with Northwestern and Nation Ford HS.  Link to Asaad’s website: http://dynamicspeedsc.wix.com/carolinas 

Asaad is affiliated with the NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) and OPT (Organization for Personal Trainers) and Youth Trainer Certified. These sessions will specifically work on eye/foot coordination, muscle flexibility, running mechanics, lateral speed & reaction time, agility & change of direction skills, plyometric, balance, core strengthening, explosiveness, and stamina.

DSC will now offer Speed and Agility training registration and payment through our website.

Nutrition Tips from Asaad:

Eating before competing is something only the athlete can determine based on experience, but some general guidelines include eating a solid meal 4 hours before competing, a snack or high carbohydrate energy drink 2 to 3 hours before competing, soft fruit 1 hour before competing.

1 Hour Before Competition

  • Fresh fruit such as an apple, watermelon, peaches or oranges and/ or
  • Energy gel packs
  • Up to 1 ½ cups of sports drink

2 to 3 Hours Before Competition

  • Fresh fruit
  • Bread, bagels, pasta
  • Yogurt
  • Water

3 to 4 Hours Before Competition

  • Fresh fruit
  • Bread, Bagels
  • Pasta, with tomato sauce
  • Baked potatoes
  • Energy bar
  • Cereal with milk, Oatmeal
  • Yogurt
  • Toast/ bread with a bit of peanut butter, lean meat, or cheese
  • Water

Drink up to 64 oz of water per day. The body must stay well hydrated for it to perform at its peak!