3 Basic Soccer Skills for Young Children

Before your preschooler starts playing any sport, it’s important that you help them learn the general skills they’ll need for the game. This is especially true when it comes to soccer. As a youth soccer club serving Rock Hill, SC and South Charlotte, NC, Discoveries Soccer Club wants to review a few of the basics skills your child will need to be successful on the field in any soccer program:

  1. Dribbling – Take your child to the park, the playground, or even your own backyard. Dribbling is the first skill they’ll need to learn. This is when you move the ball back and forth with your feet, allowing a player to maneuver the ball across the field and away from the opponent.
  2. Passing – Next, your child will need to learn how to pass the ball. Sometimes it’s tough for young players to give up the ball. Explain to your child that by passing the ball to other team members, he or she can help the team score more goals. A great way to teach a child to pass is to have them kick the ball at a wall. This way they’ll learn to deliver and receive a pass.
  3. Shooting – Learning how to pass should always come before learning how to shoot, since passing will help kids learn how to control their kicks and make their aim more precise. Once they’ve developed this solid base, you can begin to teach them how to score goals.

Are you looking for soccer near you to help your child learn the fundamentals? Call Discoveries Soccer Club. As a youth soccer club serving the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas of the Carolinas, we’ll help your child develop his or her skills, along with a love for the sport itself. Check out our Early Development Program to learn more about soccer for players ages three to six.