5 Tips for Soccer Sideline Etiquette

Every young athlete dreams of that moment when they make a big play and the crowd goes wild. When parents show up to support their children’s youth soccer clubs, cheering for the team is always welcomed. But showing your enthusiasm in a polite manner is not just a suggestion – it’s really a requirement of good sportsmanship. Discoveries Soccer Club has five tips for soccer sideline etiquette to help you know what’s acceptable and what’s not.

  1. Be the parent, not the coach – As much as you may disagree with a coach’s call or feel the need to offer advice, your job is to be supportive of your child. Back-seat coaching can cause your child to be stressed and can be a distraction to the whole team.
  2. Don’t place value on the score – The purpose of playing soccer is to give your child the chance to gain athletic skills while having fun. Let that be your focus instead of the score.
  3. Respect the referee – Referees often have to make difficult decisions. No matter the call, someone is always going to be upset. Try to be understanding of their position and respect what they say on the field.
  4. Be kind to the opposing team – Showing kindness and respect to the opposing team (and their fans) is a must. They’re just there to have a good time, too. Your actions can reflect positively or negatively on your club.
  5. Have fun – don’t stress – Remember to just have fun while you’re at the game. Your child and his or her teammates will pick up on your emotions. If you’re stressed out, they will be, too. If you have a positive attitude, you can expect to see a big grin on your child’s face, win or lose!

At Discoveries Soccer Club, we put sportsmanship first. If you want a soccer experience that’s focused on character and integrity, register your child for one of our soccer programs in Rock Hill, Charlotte, Ballantyne, Indian Land, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas.