Soccer for Primary-Aged Children

Soccer is the perfect sport for kids. It helps them learn to work as a team, gets them active in the outdoors, and it’s just all-around fun! But what is the right age for your youngster to start playing the sport? As the area’s leading youth soccer club, Discoveries Soccer Club has some pointers if you’re thinking of enrolling your primary-aged child.

First, think about how much sports experience your child has. Some children, even at five to seven years old, may have some experience with playing soccer. Thanks to playing at home or at school, they may already know the basic rules and some basic skills. If this is the case for your child, he or she might be more comfortable with playing on a soccer team. If your kids have never touched a soccer ball, talk to a program’s instructors about the right type of team for them to start with.

Next, consider your child’s social skills. Are they shy around others or do they have no problem speaking up for themselves? You want your child to be comfortable but you also want to help them develop this part of themselves. Soccer can do just that.

Finally, remember that at this age, your soccer coaches should strive to keep things fun. The field should be a safe space for young players ot learn the game, make new friends, and not worry about winning or losing.

When you need additional advice about inspiring your elementary student’s passion for soccer, contact Discoveries Soccer Club. As local youth soccer club near you, we’ll help you find the best way to get your child involved in this amazing sport. Talk to us today!