What Are the Differences Between Recreational & Select Soccer Clubs?

The soccer team your child joins will play a critical role their development. As a parent or guardian, you’ll want to make sure they join the right type of team for their goals. For example, should they play on a recreational team or a select soccer club in the Fort Mill and Charlotte area? Discoveries Soccer Club wants to explain the differences between these types of youth soccer teams.

Recreational Soccer Teams

In a recreational soccer team, players of a certain age range are matched together, usually regardless of skill level. The teams may be selected at random. Recreational youth soccer teams tend to be more affordable and less competitive since winning isn’t necessarily the goal. These teams are great for learning the game and learning how to play on a team.

Select Soccer Teams

Players have to try out for select youth soccer teams. Select teams, also known as academy teams, tend to cost more due to the level of expertise of the coaches. Travel costs may also be involved. Additionally, the matches tend to be more competitive. This option is perfect for those who are looking for a more intense style of play and advanced skill development.

Help find the right Ballantyne or Lake Wylie youth soccer club for your child by contacting Discoveries Soccer Club. We’re happy to explain our many options so you can choose the one that’s best for your family. Come explore the many ways we can help your child enjoy the wonderful sport of soccer!