How to Get Your Preschooler Started in Soccer

Is your preschooler interested in playing soccer? Soccer is great way for young children to have fun and stay healthy, making it an interest that’s worth encouraging. But what’s the best, most age-appropriate way for them to learn the fundamentals of this sport? Take the advice of a youth soccer club before you start. Here’s what we recommend at Discoveries Soccer Club, a soccer program near you in Rock Hill, SC and South Charlotte, NC.

  • Understand the limits of your child’s age: In many cases, your child’s maturity level will affect whether they’re ready to join a youth soccer club. But even if they’re not, that doesn’t mean they can’t start learning a bit about the game. Start by playing around at home to help them get familiar with the activity.
  • Let them practice kicking the ball: Purchase a reasonably-sized soccer ball for your preschooler. Don’t expect to start teaching them proper dribbling techniques when they’re at such a young age. Rather, just let them kick the ball around the yard. Right now, it’s most important for them to focus on having fun.
  • Play with your child: Speaking of fun, the best way to encourage a passion for soccer in your child is to play with them. Start by building positive memories of soccer, which can lead to a future love for the sport.

If you believe your preschooler is ready to play with a youth soccer club, come to Discoveries Soccer Club. We’re the Rock Hill and South Charlotte area’s premier destination for soccer near you. Our Early Development Program is specially designed for children ages three to six. We’d love to work with your child and help them develop a passion for soccer!