How to Shop for Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are necessary equipment for any youth soccer player. Getting the wrong size can hinder an athlete’s ability to play, score, and defend the goal. Wearing the wrong size cleats can even put a player in harm’s way if they can’t move like they need to on the field. Since this is so important, Discoveries Soccer Club wants to take a minute to help you learn how to shop for soccer cleats:

  • Find the right material – First, it’s important that you focus on cleats that are made from the right material. You want shoes that are flexible, yet firm. Leather soccer cleats are most often recommended since they are both stretchy and durable.
  • Consider length and width– For the ultimate comfort and support, you must find the right fit in as it concerns both length and width. A good rule of thumb is that a soccer cleat should fit as close as possible to the end of your foot. Remember, cleats form a narrow shape in the upper part of the shoe.
  • Factor in growth spurts – Is your child in the midst of a growth spurt? If so, getting larger-sized cleats might be wise. This way you won’t have to purchase multiple pairs in a single season.
  • Give it a test run – Finally, make sure to test out the shoes. Let your child walk around in the cleats and simulate movements they’d make on the soccer field. Ask them how the cleats feel and try different sizes if they don’t fit.

Discoveries Soccer Club wants your youth soccer player to have a great experience. Call us today to learn more about our programs.