4 Frequent Injuries in Young Soccer Players

When it comes to sports, injuries are often unavoidable. This even true for a non-contact sport like youth soccer. Obviously, you never want your child to get hurt. However, it pays to be prepared. The coaches at Discoveries Soccer Club have found that the more informed parents are about the game and the risks, the more fun their families will have with the sport. Here are four common injuries you should watch out for as your young soccer players is on the field:

  1. Knee injuries – It’s common for soccer players to twist a knee, especially if they’re playing on wet grass. While many of these knee injuries are minor, there are some pretty serious ones that can occur, too. Ligament tears, severe sprains, and other knee problems may keep a young player off the field.
  2. Ankle sprains – Speaking of sprains, ankle sprains are common on the soccer field. Ankle sprains can happen when a player rolls a foot, strikes a ball the wrong way, or misses a ball altogether.
  3. Hip pains – Hip muscle pain, also called hip flexor tendinitis, can often occur in children who are going through growth spurts.
  4. Concussions – Finally, concussions can occur on the soccer field. Most often, concussions happen when two players collide on the field or when the player heads the ball. Remind your child to keep an eye out for the ball and for other players while they’re on the field.

If your child wants to join a youth soccer team in the Charlotte, NC area, take a look at Discoveries Soccer Club. Our coaches help minimize injuries through proven soccer training techniques.