Back-to-School Time Management Tips for Soccer Players

The new school semester has started, meaning it’s time to look at your child’s schedule. How do you balance academics, soccer, and other activities so that your child (and your entire family) feels happy and successful? As one of the leading organizations for soccer teams near you, Discoveries Soccer Club has lots of tips for back-to-school time management. Here are just a few.

  • Discuss all activities – As a family, look at your children’s involvement in school, soccer, and extracurriculars. Make a list of everything each child will be doing.
  • Create a time management plan – Next, start building a schedule. Break the schedule into two parts: one showing the big picture and one for a weekly schedule. The big picture will display school requirements like testing, exams, and project due dates, as well as scheduled soccer games. The weekly schedule will include the specifics like soccer practice times, homework time, and other meetings.
  • Include your child – Invite your child to participate in the planning process. This gives your student athlete the opportunity to express any concerns. By being involved in the process, they’ll likely become more excited about both school and soccer.
  • Have a weekly review – At the end of each week, sit down with your child and ask how things went. As the school year goes on, your child’s schedule may become tougher. A weekly review will give you a chance to make adjustments.

The soccer teams near you at Discoveries Soccer Club want your child to be successful at all aspects of life. Learn more about our programs and how we help kids be their best both on and off the field.