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Executive Director Message

Date Posted: 10/9/2012


Below is a link to a video clip from the Georgia Soccer Association put together to outline the current state of youth soccer in the United States. The clip compares the development of players in Brazil with players in the United States. It also illustrates the degree of coach and parent involvement in the development of players in either country.

I sent this clip to our Academy parents some years back but as our club has grown it has now become apparent that it is important that we do not lose sight of what we are trying to achieve with our players and teams.
We want the game to be enjoyed by all, players, parents and coaches. The emphasis in our sessions and training is not on winning games but on doing our utmost to develop each player, progressing them to their highest level possible having earned the most complete football education available to them. If we can do this, then the wins will most surely come, but we will not measure our success by medals, we will measure our success by the improvement and enjoyment of our players. We want players to understand that if they work hard and commit themselves to their development with energy and enthusiasm, then DSC will most surely not be the last port of call in their football careers.

Please do not misinterpret my comments as an admission of inferiority or lack of ambition. On the contrary, this club's ambition is moves beyond winning state cups, beyond regional success and beyond National Championships. We want this club to be the reference for all clubs in the United States, we want to be the focal point of player development that other clubs will look up to. This will not happen overnight but it is a goal that our staff is very passionate about.

Our player-pathway concentrates on progressing the players from level to level, providing the players with a sound understanding of how we feel the game should be played. We accept that not all players can play in the pros and not all players can play in college, but we will not accept that all players cannot learn. Some will be coaches, some will play in intramural leagues, some will play pick-up on a Wednesday night with their friends, but this will only be achieved if an enduring love for the game can be fostered.

Parent involvement is necessary for our club to exist and survive, but it is also important that all of our parental energy is directed and channeled in a positive and encouraging direction that ensures our players and your children maintain their desire and hunger to improve and learn from the staff at our club that is just as committed and dedicated.

The clip outlines a sound perspective and approach to the game that should resonate with everyone involved with grassroots football.
I hope you enjoy the clip and please feel free to provide any feedback you feel may be appropriate.

I'd like to thank all of our parents for their support. There is no way we could do any of this without you.

Player Development Philosophy Video -

This Clip is 35 minutes long so please allow yourself some time to view in entirety. Thanks!

Dave Carton

DSC Executive Director